Thailand Viva in the Air 2008

         Low over the Mae Ping River                                                              Take off straight over the Tesco Lotus Supermarket


                 First Night Glow                                                                        Each Balloon has its own retrieve vehicle and minibus


         The new Elephant hairdresser (critic)                                                                                    Inflation



                 Doi Sethup                                                                               Temple on the Burmese border



                 Another inflation                                                                                        The White Temple



                                  Pilots at rest                                                                             Wedding day landing. (tight spot)



                          The wedding couple                                                                          The wedding couple




                 The inflation field (bit tight for space)                                                 Rather Posh pilots before wedding launch




         Watching us watching you (reporters)                                                        Pilots before wedding launch



                 Barry and Tedi before wedding launch                                                                Night Glow



                 Over the Warrot market                                                                   Down in the river again



                          S in the Balloon                                                                                The Hotel from the balloon




                 Playing with the river again