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Congratulations on Enquiring about a Hot-Air Balloon Flight Experience.

Everybody in their life should have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful adventure.

In our modern safe balloons, that we fly these days it is one of the most enjoyable experiences you could imagine.

At Sky Adventures we would love to help you enjoy this experience as much as we do. So Please explore the Site further to find out more.

"Tedi" is our newest Balloon It is 105,000 Cubic Feet and has been manufactured in Bristol by Cameron Balloons (The manufacturer of the First Balloon to Circumnavigate the Globe (the Breitling Orbiter 3). The balloon has joined Sky Adventures Primarily for the enjoyment of the customers who require our Platinum Experience and can carry a maximum of 3 Passengers.

Operating in the Burgas area "Tedi" has only flown about 65 Flights for enjoyment of others and always creates a positive reaction amongst children and adults alike.  "Tedi" has as you can see Teddy's on one side and other cute characters on the other. The balloon has the advantage of being able to rotate in-flight giving the passengers the benefit of changing views whilst flying.

Since the start of our 2006 season our platinum flights have proved so popular we now specialise only in private flights.

This means that we now only fly exclusive flights for 2 / 3 people and you will not fly with others who you do not know.

This offers you the chance to enjoy the flight fully and feel that all of our attention is with yourself and gives you a unique introduction to the sport of ballooning



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