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Balloons fly either early morning or late afternoon. This is to avoid the mid day heat. Your adventure starts on the launch field and we all meet to inflate the balloon. Your pilot will welcome you and ensure you are fully briefed on the activities before the flight. Balloons travel only with the wind so our destination will as much as a mystery to the pilot as it will be to yourself (all part of the experience of ballooning). The Balloon will float upwards gently into the skies and we aim to fly for around an hour. During this time your pilot will point out landmarks and answer any queries you may have.

The flight is an ideal opportunity  to take Photographs and plenty of spare film should be taken. After Landing the pilot and retrieve will pack away the balloon ( you are welcome to help ) and we will celebrate the experience in the traditional manner with a glass of champagne. We the retrieve vehicle ( that has been following the balloon throughout the flight ) will then take everybody back to the launch field to meet their families and friends.

The Our flying season starts when the the fields have dried in April - May and extends usually to the end of September when the fields become too wet to retrieve the balloon. This will need to be taken into account especially when attempting to book a flight for a birthday or anaversary.

We currently fly Early mornings and late afternoons at the weekends but please bear in mind that during the weekdays we only fly during the afternoons. This is due to the availablility of retrieve drivers and to ensure people can make it back to work ontime after their Flight.


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